Has EA made contact with their ‘softer’ side?

During the week there has been several rumours popping up that EA was giving away the entire SIMS 2 collection for free.

What? EA is giving something away for free?

There’s got to be a catch!

As a teenager this would have been incredible news for me, as I had a major thing for The Sims 2 – there was something fun about living vicariously through the characters you  created in a house you decided was awesome enough – and if you had the cheats enabled, bags and bags of simoleons. To name but a few perks!

Well, that was only part of the fun.

There was also another type of fun to be had…



I want to play a little game called “Remove the Pool Steps”….

Regardless of your motivation for ever playing any of the SIMS games – it came down to having a fun experience. Up until this day there are hundreds-of-thousands of SIMS fans, and EA decided to reward said fans by making the full SIMS 2 collection available for download – absolutely free.

No “Call now, and get it for only $9.99″ or anything like that. At first it was available as a free upgrade to anyone who had SIMS 2 stuff but not the complete collection, but EA decided to remove that option and simply make it available as a full playable collection for everyone.

Now many people, just like myself, would think it’s way too good to be true.  So I investigated further and am very pleased to report back that it works.

Are there any prerequisites such as having to have bought dozens of SIMS games beforehand?

No – nothing at all. The only thing you need to access this game right now is an Origins account – and having Origins installed.  Once you have this installed and running, login to your account and click on the Origin area at the top of the Origins toolbar and select “Redeem Product Code”.

Your product code is: I-LOVE-THE-SIMS

That’s it – and you’re good to go.

Be prepared for a rather sizeable download however – as it contains not only the original game but ALL the expansion packs and stuff packs for you to enjoy.

Why is EA being so generous? Well, despite the fact that SIMS 2 is quite old by now thus making it’s marketable lifespan  close to over thanks to the SIMS 4 on the horizon, perhaps EA felt it’s time to give back to their loyal fans. Who knows?

But it is legit and that’s what matters -even if it is old, it’s still a great collection to be had by the SIMS lover (if they don’t have every single game yet) or simply someone curious enough to try it because it’s free.

Be aware though that this only lasts until the 31st of July, so hurry up!

Not sure if Legit? Just click here!

Want to install Origins? Click here!



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